Saturday, August 10, 2013

D23 Expo: Tony Baxter in "Undiscovered Disneyland"

By D.Z. "Theme Park Specialist"
On Friday afternoon, Stage 23 held  a presentation called "Undiscovered Disneyland." The presentation was hosted by soon-to-be Disney Legend Tony Baxter (Tony became a legend on August 10th.) and imagineer Josh Shipley. For one hour, the two shared never before seen footage from vintage Disneyland. This included many different attractions, gone and renovated. We videoed the whole event, with two video cameras, allowing you the best seat in the house.

(Video coming soon)
    At the end, surprisingly (unknown to Tony Baxter and guests) Tom Staggs, Chairman of Parks and Resorts came out onstage. Josh Shipley then left as Tom took over for the last 10 minutes. Tom talked about what Tony has done with the Walt Disney Company. Baxter began working at Disneyland as an ice cream maker and is now receiving a Disney Legend. To honor Tony, Staggs showed a 60 second video, outlining Tony's many accomplishments. Then Tom announced that Tony would be receiving a window display on Main Street. This is a very high honor. Then Tom had one more surprise. They randomly got lights to spot different seats. All those spotted guests will get the opportunity to attend Tony Baxter's window ceremony. That marked the end of "Undiscovered Disneyland." It truly was a great moment at the expo.

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